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Enjoy the Virtual Tour of “Treasures in Gold & Jade: Masterworks from Taiwan”

Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, partnering with Bowers Museum, presents "Treasures in Gold & Jade: Masterworks from Taiwan." This exhibition showcases elegant gold and jade works by Taiwanese artists Wu Ching and Huang Fu-shou. Wu Ching brings his first gold sculpture "Parental Love" in 1989, which is a detailed carving of a mother ant nurturing her beloved kid. Huang Fu-shou, receiving the title of Living National Treasure in 2020, specialized in delineating the veins of flowers and leaves, as well as the tiny details of wings, legs and tentacles of locusts and butterflies.

Due to COVID-19, the exhibition has been unable to open to the public yet. Hence, Bowers Museum is presenting virtual tours of this exhibition so that the artists and their works can be shown. Dates for virtual tours are Jan. 20, Jan. 24, Feb. 4, Feb. 17, Feb. 21 and Feb. 28.

Join 2021 LunarFest “Family is Everything” to Welcome an Ox-picious Year!

From Feb. 11 to Feb. 28, join us for a variety of LunarFest programs to welcome an ox-picious year! Both of their families from Artist Susan Point of Canada and Sakuliu Pavavalung of Taiwan present “The Lantern City - Family Ties” in Jack Poole Plaza. Other lantern installations by Vancouver artists will also appear at Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza from Feb. 11 to Feb. 23. Additionally, there are a series of digital programs including “Firecrackers” school tour (Jan. 21 to Feb. 18), a virtual art gallery, storytelling sessions, and a virtual hot pot dinner! “Melting Pot, I Think Not” program invites newcomers to Taiwan from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia to share their hot pot traditions with Canadians. “The Island Family” is presented by musicians who are Hakka, Mongolian and Japanese in Taiwan. “The Bullish Future” program will help people learn the tradition of entrusting divine influence and get a reading of the fortune. LunarFest is also proud to present the commemorative “Ox-picious Lanterns” blessed by City God in Taipei. 

2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition Launched Both Online and In-person Event

The 2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TiBE 2021), themed “Reading in the Time of a Pandemic,” will be held from Jan. 26 to Jan. 31 at the Taipei World Trade Center. The upcoming event integrates both a physical book fair and a virtual exhibition that features four major functions, including "Themed Exhibitions Online," "Reading Salons Online," "Online Book Show," and "Reading News." Several international publishing professionals are invited to a series of online panels. “Illustrators for Gianni Rodari” will be presented to commemorate the creativity of Gianni Rodari, an influential Italian writer and children’s author, exhibiting original works by 21 well-known Italian illustrators. TiBE 2021 as a physical exhibition is significant in light of the struggles of publishing industries around the world facing the unprecedented COVID-19 threat.

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