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2021 Comic-Con International: San Diego, to Be Held Online with 10 Taiwanese Comic Creations Building a "Future Island"

America’s biggest comic convention, Comic-Con International: San Diego, will be held on July 23rd-25th, as a free, online event, Comic-Con@Home. Featuring “Future Island,” Taiwan will present 10 comics and animation works of science fiction and an online talk for Comic-Con@Home 2021. All 10 works are included in the limited edition 2021 Taiwan Exhibit Guide, welcome to browse and download:

The online talk “Survival is the Adventure! Mayfly Island's Dream of Near-future Animation” will invite Dr. Wan-Chun Ma, winner of the Scientific and Technical Achievement Award at the Academy Awards, Klimt Lin, director of the Taiwanese animation Mayfly Island, and its screenwriter, Shang-Chiao Li, to share on Mayfly Island’s story and worldview, ecological crisis and Austronesian culture. The exclusive animation sketches of Mayfly Island will also be disclosed during the talk. All are welcome to watch the online talk through the YouTube channel of Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles at

For more information, please visit:

2021 Taipei Music Academy & Festival in San Francisco

The 3rd edition of Taipei Music Academy & Festival (TMAF), led by famous Taiwanese violinist Lin Chao-liang, will present four music concerts at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM) and Stanford University from July 25th to August 7th. Due to the pandemic, TMAF has been shifted from the Taipei National University of the Arts to San Francisco. 46 young musicians will perform with world-class musicians and 19 of them are Taiwanese students.

The first performance "TMAF Orchestra Concert" will take place at the outdoor Frost Amphitheater, Stanford University on July 30th. The other three concerts will be held at SFCM on July 31st, August 4th and 7th. For more information about "TMAF Orchestra Concert" at Stanford University, please visit:

Taiwanese Artist Jennifer Chia-Ling Ho Explores Language and Identity in Cultural Displacement through New Exhibition at 18th Street Arts Center

With the support from Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture and Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, 18th Street Arts Center will present the solo exhibition "How are you?” by Taiwanese artist Jennifer Chia-Ling Ho in the Atrium Gallery from August 16th to September 24th. This project features Ho’s new work during her 3-month residency: “Check the Box”, an installation of five plaster sculptures -- representing i, u, y, ə, and a, the five vowel-like sounds used in Mandarin Chinese -- placed on wire mesh cubes. Ho explores the sense of belonging, nationality, and the complex and sometimes conflicted experience of Asian immigrants in the American discussion of racial identity.

For more information about this exhibition, please visit

The 4th Webinar of “THE NEXT STAGE” with WAA: “Models for International Cooperation & Partnership”

The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles partners with the Western Arts Alliance (WAA) to present six webinars entitled “THE NEXT STAGE”. This program focuses on critical issues facing the performing arts amidst the pandemic and its recovery. In the first three panels from April to June, many creative artists and arts leaders in the United States and Taiwan were invited to share their insightful views about how to transform the challenges into innovation of their creations during the pandemic, how to explore the possibility of using technology in performances and the residency as a sustainable model for artist and community-centered presenting. The 4th webinar “Models for International Cooperation & Partnership” will take place in 2021 WAA Annual Conference during August 30th to September 1st. Stay tune for more information at Western Arts Alliance website:

For the these three webinars, please visit:
Episode 1: Creation in Isolation - Adversity Meets Innovation 
Episode 2: Extending Our Reach - Performance in a Digital Age 
Epsoide3: Rethinking Residencies 

Ongoing Event

Welcome to visit “Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong” at the USC Pacific Asia Museum

The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles partners with the USC Pacific Asia Museum (USC PAM) to present “Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong” from now until October 3rd, featuring six works by Taiwanese artist Nick Dong: Spacetime, Divine Moments, Heaven, Mendsmith Project, Im-mersion and Becoming Horizon. This exhibition has been selected as the most healing contemporary art dialogue in the post-pandemic era by the USC PAM. All are welcome to visit and experience it. For more information, please visit

Moreover, a series of activities will be held during the exhibition period, including artist talks, experiential workshops, meditation, and creative writing. For more information, please visit

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