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3rd Taiwan Biennial Film Festival Launches Its Opening with Film Screening Man In Love, Taiwan’s 2021 biggest local hit!

With the theme “Breadth of Life,” the 3rd edition of TBFF incorporates the transformation of butterflies into the main visual, featuring Taiwan’s vitality and dynamic innovation that spread across various perspectives of life. The festival will be held in-person and in online format from November 3-12, 2021, with the opening film, Man In Love, that will be screened at the TCL Theater in Hollywood on November 3rd, and online screening on the premium live event platform Watchbeem during the following 9 days.

The line-up for this year comprises 20 feature films and short films, including various genres, such as romantic comedy as the opening film, Man In Love and My Missing Valentine; a social psychological thriller drama adapted from a real social event, The Silent Forest; a satire zombie film that reflects the turmoil in Taiwanese Legislature Yuan, Get the Hell Out; Asia's first blockchain movie, The Last Thieves; the exciting sports film, We Are Champions, that describes the strong bond of two siblings on the basketball court.

Two online industry panels will be held to disclose the potential of foreign content and international co-productions around the world.

Taiwan Film Showcase at 2021 San Diego Asian Film Festival Makes a Comeback to Theater 

The 22nd edition of the San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) will kick off from October 28th to November 6th, 2021. Taiwan Academy has collaborated with SDAFF to present the “Taiwan Film Showcase” for the 10th consecutive year. This year, the line-up includes 5 features: Listen Before You Sing, a Taiwanese musical drama that champions its indigenous people and their way of life; The Moon Represents My Heart, a documentary about the journey to Taiwan by the Taiwanese Argentinian director, who sought to clarify the truth behind the death of his father through his mother; As We Like It, a romantic comedy adapted from Shakespeare's play; Days Before the Millennium, a story about the marital status of female Taiwanese new immigrants; Execution in Autumn, the winner of 5 Golden Horse Awards in 1972; and 1 short Girl in the Water. All films will be screened at the UltraStar Mission Valley, with an outdoor Taiwan reception held on November 1st available to all ticketholders. All are welcome to explore Taiwanese cinema!  

Spotlight on Taiwan at the 2021 Hawaii International Film Festival


With the support from Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles has launched the “Spotlight on Taiwan” at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) for the eleventh consecutive years. This year, “Spotlight on Taiwan” will showcase 3 feature films Moneyboys, Born to be Human, and Listen Before You Sing, a documentary Sounds of Taiwan and an episodic series The Magician on the Skywalk. All the above online contents will be available to watch through the entire United States.

Taiwanese Artist Ling-lin Ku’s Solo Exhibition “The Practice of Disguise” at 18th Street Arts Center

Ling-Lin Ku recently received the prestigious Innovative Award honorable mention from International Sculpture Center for her creative vision of this project “The Practice of Disguise.” This exhibition features Ku’s ongoing research and new work at 18th Street Art Center from November 15th to December 17th, 2021.

Ku explores the seemingly binary relationship between seeing and not seeing, revealing and concealing through creative approaches, technological reflection, and social political inquiries. Using sculpture, video, and images, Ku provides her unique perceptions entangle with our real and potential bodies in a fractured, digitized environment of social presentation, surveillance, and desire. In the current age of information, extreme self-exposure, and the constant mediation of fact, Ku explores the ways in which disguise has figured in contemporary art, and our relationship to represent in our modern era.

Ku’s work combines deep research with her love for both hands-on and digital process. For more in-depth discussions of her research and creation please join her artist conversation with Los Angeles based photographer and installation artist Ara Oshangan, and artist and filmmaker Cynthia Madansky on Nov 19th. A behind-the-scene video documentation will also release on Dec 3rd.

Ongoing Event

UBC Launches "Indigenous Taiwan: Transpacific Connections” Online Series

Partnered with the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles on the Spotlight Taiwan Project, the University of British Columbia (UBC) Department of Asian Studies launches eight virtual events titled "Indigenous Taiwan: Transpacific Connections” from October 14th to November 4th, 2021. Taiwanese writers Badai, Ahronglong Sakinu and directors Wei Te-sheng and Laha Mebow are invited to attend this series.

Session 3th and 4th: Wei Te-sheng 
Thursday October 21 (4:00 PM PDT)
Friday October 22 (4:00 PM PDT)

Session 5th and 6th:Ahronglong Sakinu 
Thursday October 28 (4:00 PM PDT)
Friday October 29 (4:00 PM PDT)

Session 7th and 8th: Laha Mebow 
Wednesday November 3 (4:00 PM PDT)
Thursday November 4 (4:00 PM PDT)

Coming Events of "Taiwan in Dialogue” Lecture Series with John Balcom

FotoJet (1).png
The final event of UCLA “Taiwan in Dialogue” series will be live at 12:00 PM on October 29th, 2021 via Zoom. The event will feature a career-spanning conversation with award-winning translator John Balcom, who will discuss his approach to translation and major works, moderated by Michael Berry, Director of UCLA Center for Chinese Studies (CCS).

Watch THE NEXT STAGE Webinar Series Episode 4: International Collaboration in a Global Pandemic

Taiwan Academy of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles partners with Western Arts Alliance (WAA) to present a series of webinars titled as “THE NEXT STAGE”
in 2021. The fourth event “International Collaboration in a Global Pandemic” took place virtually at 10:15 AM PDT on September 2nd. The panelists Kuen-Yean Hwang (Senior Member of Ju Percussion), Austin Wang (Director of Taipei Performing Arts Center), Alicia Adams (Vice President of International Programming, The Kennedy Center) and Fabiola Pazmiño (Chief Academic Officer of Galapagos Music Conference) talked with moderator Cindy Hwang (Founder & President, Impulse Creatives) about how to build equitable international projects when travel is restricted and borders are closed.

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