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Meet Taiwan Performing Art Groups at WAA Booth 418

2022 Western Arts Alliance (WAA) Annual Conference will take place from August 29th to September 1st at Calgary. Taiwan Exhibit (booth 418) will feature “Taiwan On the Move” to highlight 8 Taiwanese performing arts groups that are slated for touring through America in recent years. Moreover, welcome to visit “Performing Arts from Taiwan” website ( ! It is an e-catalogue to know more about Taiwan Performing Arts groups/artists of various types. 

Taiwanese Artist Ting Jung Chen’s “1:1:2” Featured at the Mak Center for Art and Architecture

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Schindler House, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles and Mak Center for Art and Architecture jointly present 1:1:2 from September 9th to September 11th, 2022. This performance artwork is curated by Taiwanese artist Ting Jung Chen, together with Korean artists Miae Son and Yela An.

1:1:2 unfolds in three parts over three nights, each night featuring a poet/artist: through writing, reading, and digestion. Inviting Los Angeles-based poets and workshop participants, including literary and performance scholars, as well as Professor Mei-Ling Cheng (Taiwan) of the USC School of Theatre Arts, the performance offers texts centered on traditional poetic forms and structures from across Asia. Each poem will be inscribed with the four seasons, an important element of the Asian poetry genre, and transformed into text. Artist-made sugar boards and ink are used as props for literary workshops and performances, and will subsequently be consumed as a nourishing and pleasurable act of practice.

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Shan Puppet Theater brought 'Adventures in the Crystal Palace': Workshop and Performance to charm audiences in California.

Shan Puppet Theater, founded by Huang in 2002, is one of a few Taiwanese troupes to perform puppet shows in Hakka language. Shan Puppet Theater blends Hakka culture, music and stage art with a contemporary sensibility.

'Adventures in the Crystal Palace' is adapted from the classic novel 'Journey to the West'. This story tells the Monkey King’s journey to save Flower Fruit Mountain by visiting the underwater Crystal Palace, and his battle with the Bull Demon King. The audiences can also learn how to manipulate the hand puppets, play gongs and drums, and experience a backstage music demonstration.

The troupe was invited to stage a tour of shows plus workshops in several U.S cities over August, including Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Detroit, and Ann Arbor.

14 Taiwanese Stage Designers Won Awards at 2022 WSD

World Stage Design (WSD) is the first and only designer-based exhibition to showcase and celebrate performance design from individual designers. 2022 WSD exhibition was held in Calgary, Canada from August 6th to 16th, 2022. 14 outstanding Taiwanese stage designers with 16 theatrical productions won the awards in the award ceremony. 

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