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Taiwanese Designers Shine at the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards

  • Date:2024-02-05


The 66th Grammy Awards was held in Los Angeles, California, on February 4, 2024, and once again spotlighted Taiwanese design prowess. Following two consecutive wins in the Best Record Packaging category over the past two years, this year saw two Taiwanese design teams nominated for the prestigious award.

Among the nominees are Yu Wei and Li Jheng Han's team, who won Taiwan’s first Grammy Award two years ago, and designer Chang Yu Chung, recognized for his work on Hakka singer Leaf Yeh's album "Migration." Additionally, Designer Star Cheng created a three-dimensional paper-cutting record, blending musical instruments motifs for producer Hsuan Chang Kitano’s album "Cadenza 21’.” 

The Taiwan Academy of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles held a press conference at the Taiwan Center in Los Angeles on February 2, 2024, unveiling the shortlisted works and allowing the creators to elucidate their design concepts.

In a statement, the Taiwan Academy expressed warm congratulations to the nominated teams. The Grammy Awards, renowned as one of the most influential music accolades globally, provides a fitting stage for Taiwanese design brilliance. Through their ingenious album packaging designs, these teams achieve a harmonious blend of auditory and visual elements. Their works have garnered favor from judges among numerous submissions. This recognition underscores Taiwan's bourgeoning design influence at the highest international level.