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Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles is a nonprofit governmental institute, which is an overseas branch of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China (Taiwan). It aims to promote the unique art and culture of Taiwan in the area of West Coast of the United States and Canada.

From 2014 to 2019, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles had placed a gallery space in the Westwood Village to present Taiwanese culture in various forms, including film screenings, performances, exhibitions, workshops, and etc. In May 2019, Taiwan Academy relocated to Koreatown and was transformed from a self-operated cultural space to an active cultural facilitator. Now Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles focuses more on cooperating with local governments and organizations in the West Coast of North America as well as cultivating the awareness and appreciation of Taiwan art and culture among the local communities.

The vision of Taiwan Academy is to connect with international communities through universal cultural values, and to share Taiwanese unique cultural content with the world for a more diverse and richer global cultural landscapes. Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles also seeks to build long-term partnership with major art and culture institutions, organizations, art festivals on the West Coast of North America to showcase film, literature, performing arts, visual arts, comic and animation, design and cultural creative contents from Taiwan.

As a cultural bridge of Taiwan, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles not only presents Taiwanese arts to the global stage, but also enhances the networking, interact and exchange among different sectors of the cultural industry between Taiwan and the other countries.

The jurisdiction of Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles includes 12 states of the United States on the west coast and mid-west (California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska), West Provinces of Ontario Province of Canada (Ontario not included), Mexico, and South America countries (Brazil not included).