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Taiwan Exhibit Online Talk at Comic-Con@Home 2021: Survival is the Adventure! Mayfly Island's Dream of Near-future Animation

“After doomsday befalls, survival has become a perilous adventure.”
In the near future, the Earth’s natural environment is severely damaged. While rising sea levels have forced what’s left of the world to form independent island city-states, a magical girl who can steer drifting islands arrives in “Redland City”, a town struggling to survive in its polluted environment. After friction and collisions, the islanders and townspeople must find peace with each other, and a way to coexist with the natural world. 

Participating in the 3rd consecutive year, Taiwan Exhibit at Comic-Con@Home is holding an online talk to discuss the original Taiwanese animation, Mayfly Island. Dr. Wan-Chun Ma, winner of the Scientific and Technical Achievement Award at the Academy Awards, Klimt Lin, director of the Taiwanese animation Mayfly Island, and its screenwriter, Shang-Chiao Li, have all been invited to share on Mayfly Island’s story and worldview, ecological crisis and Austronesian culture. They will also discuss the power of Taiwanese animation, challenges faced during the animation process, how 2D and 3D technologies complement each other and how they can innovate animation content and special effects production. The exclusive animation sketches of Mayfly Island will also be disclosed during the talk. All are welcome to watch the online talk!